The story of Avila Ranch starts over 100 years ago, with two families and their love for this land and its beautiful surroundings. In 1910 the Avila’s of Portugal purchased the 240 acres that is now called “Avila Ranch” and began farming and ranching on the land. In the early 1920’s the Castanos family made their way to California from the east coast and began to establish themselves as home builders. A century later the families grew to know one another, and a foundation for a partnership was formed.

The bond between the families is rooted in the respect for the land and a shared philosophy of being responsible stewards for the area and its natural resources. The Wathen Castanos families felt a deep sense of pride when asked to carry the torch for these ideals and ensure the land’s best days are still to come.

Keeping tradition alive means more than just naming this idyllic landscape “Avila Ranch”. As the Avila Ranch is planned, thoughtful consideration for the way families will live– outside and with the land is at the forefront of the design. It means that certain areas within its borders will always be reserved for farming. The natural stream that bisects the land will not just remain, it will be rehabilitated for everyone to enjoy, including the wildlife.

Families coming together to realize a common vision is what made Avila Ranch possible. This land will bring new neighbors together to create bonds that will surely make previous generations proud.

Avila Ranch
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