San Luis Obispo is known for being an enclave of eclectic lifestyles. From the historic farming heritage to the University attendees and all shades in between, the SLO Valley has its share of converging personalities. But one thing that tends to bring everyone together is coffee! That magical elixir that gets your day going and rounds off the edges to your morning. Downtown San Luis Obispo has coffee shops that are brewing with a variety of top-notch cups of happiness to suit the needs of the thirsty masses. Here are a few names to remember when you’re in town and looking for a great cup of joe…

Ascendo Coffee on Monterey Street is a spacious shop that features artwork from local talent for you to appreciate while enjoying homemade chai tea and savory baked goods prepared on site. Appreciate unparalleled service and good vibes right in the heart of San Luis Obispo.

Scout Coffee on Garden Street is owned by Jon & Sara Peterson and the vibe they’ve created inside is light and bright. They offer a dazzling array of coffee and tea brews along with breakfast-to-go and baked goods. Don’t miss their house-made syrups and handcrafted flower bouquets to make your visit even more memorable!

Kin Coffee on Higuera Street is a local favorite for their unique brews which include Matcha from Japan. A very social atmosphere draws you in and don’t be surprised if you are treated to live music during your visit.

Kreuzberg Coffee opened its doors on Higuera Street in 2010 and has been delivering a vibrant café scene ever since. Offering plenty of indoor and outdoor community seating, the staff invites you to come on in and stay for as long as you’d like.

WithCo Coffee on Higuera Street is a modern boutique café whose coffee is just as remarkable as the community surrounding it. The vibrant atmosphere they have created welcomes you to experience their acclaimed espressos and roasts alongside your friends, neighbors, and coworkers. Sit down, sip their unique single origin and seasonal coffees, and enjoy the company of friends!

Coastal Peaks Coffee is home to San Luis Obispo’s award-winning coffee roaster, whose fresh-roasted coffee is served by over 150 coffee houses and world class restaurants! Enjoy this renowned coffee yourself in their café on South Higuera Street, whose relaxing atmosphere alongside their unlimited WIFI encourages you to sit down and stay awhile. Be sure to take advantage of their private meeting room for all your social events or business meetings!

Lucy’s Coffee Co. began serving its cherished coffee at special events with their on-the-go coffee car, which you can now enjoy any time at their permanent coffee shop on Laurel Lane! Indulge not only in their unique flavor blends, such as their Peanut Butter and Honey Latte, but savor their artisan toasts and treats that are plated so beautifully, you’ll want to take pictures to look back on!

Nautical Bean Café on Los Osos Valley Road is a family-owned shop that lends you a warm and cozy atmosphere filled with bright red walls, retro paintings, and hand-strung lights. Enjoy your coffee alongside an assortment of breakfast and lunch treats and loosen up under their notably quick and exceptional service!

Blackhorse Coffee on Higuera Street provides you with a lively and comfortable atmosphere featuring brand new patio seating, which is perfect for hanging out with friends, working on a business project, or relaxing after a hike! Be sure to try their famous baked goods that are fresh each morning along with their homemade teas, freezes, and hot chocolate.

Field Day Coffee not only offers their specialty coffee on Monterey Street, but they also provide to-go services with their pop-up coffee cart all around San Luis Obispo! Don’t miss their hand-crafted merch, offered in-store, which allows you to take a little bit of Field Day with you wherever you go!

These are just ten shops out of dozens of options in the downtown SLO area for all your coffee and bakery needs. So next time you’re in San Luis Obispo be sure to give them a try and let us know what you think.

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