Information Release

March 29, 2016

City Staff Advises Council Against a Building Moratorium

The City’s current water supply situation would not justify a building moratorium A memorandum, according to a memo send out by the San Luis Obispo County Council. The document, dated March 29, 2016, was written in response to an inquiry from Council regarding the amount of water the City currently has in storage compared to minimum pool for reservoirs.

Staff said it does “not believe that the City’s current water supply situation would legally justify a building moratorium” and concluded that “there are sufficient water resources to meet anticipated buildout demand.” The document further stated that initiating a moratorium would be an “extreme restriction on private property rights and can constitute a regulatory taking of property.”

Staff explained that water resources are subject to dynamic analysis that requires continual monitoring and evaluation of changing variables, including worst-case drought scenarios and the overlay of multiple alternative climate change developments. The City is in the process of updating the City’s Water Shortage Contingency Plan and will return to the Council in June of this year to update and make recommendations based on current conditions.

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