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The Central Coast of California is a wonderous display of natural beauty, with mountainous terrain that spills directly into the mighty Pacific Ocean. Residents in this region enjoy ample opportunity to convene with nature through an impressive state and local parks system that feature outdoor activities from ocean kayaking at Morro Bay, to backcountry hiking through Los Osos Oaks.

San Luis Obispo is a historic small town along the Central Coast that offers a quality of life not easily found in America today. The unique balance of outdoor lifestyle and modern city conveniences make this one of the most alluring places to live in the entire country. Avila Ranch will offer like-minded residents a way to connect and enjoy the sought-after SLO lifestyle.

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Avila Ranch San Luis Obispo is a masterplan neighborhood aimed at bringing folks together while soaking up an average 300 days of sunshine every year! Brought to you by Wathen Castanos Homes, Avila Ranch offers an eclectic mix of architectural styles and floorplans built to suit every lifestyle.

When you call Avila Ranch home, you leave your car in the garage and hop on your bike (or feet) to get around. With over 7 miles of paths and trails that lead the way to every single park, you quickly get to know all the shortcuts to the cookout. The neighborhood is bisected by a creek bed that has its very own trail, which is the scenic way to connect all the other parks.

Phase One of Avila Ranch is comprised of 180 homesites nestled on the west side of the neighborhood. These homes will boast views of the foothills dotted with vineyards to the southand east. The parks in Phase One include Vista Park, The Bend Park, and The Hub, and is bordered along one side by the Creekside riding and walking trail.

Parks & Trails

Avila Ranch highlights SLO’s natural beauty from the moment you step out of your new front door. There are nine different parks to enjoy all this sunshine, from small ‘pocket’ parks where your furry friends can play to the impressive SportsPlex where you can have a couple of hot dogs watching the Little Leaguers on a warm Friday evening.

Here is a preview of the parks that will be part of Phase One at Avila Ranch…


Vista Park

This south-facing park offers you sublime views of our neighbors’ vineyards. You can arrive here as the last stop on the Active Path before heading ‘into town’ for some provisions. Amenities include exercise stations, half-court basketball, a play area for the kiddos, and a whole lot of solitude.

The Bend

This park has curves in all the right places. Located in the heart of Phase One, The Bend is easily accessed from the Active Path as well as Earthwood Lane. Features include a play area for the little tykes, picnic benches for that birthday party that’s coming up, and plenty of trees to nap under.


The Hub

You might say this park is the center of all the action in Phase One. Situated just across Earthwood Lane from the sales center, The Hub is bordered to the south by the Active Path. This park offers a diverse selection of amenities like a soccer field, play areas for big kids and little ones, and community gardens so you can flex your green thumb.


Avila Ranch was designed with one main theme in mind… fun in the sun! This includes convenient ways to navigate the neighborhood and all its parks and amenities without needing a car. This was accomplished by creating a network of paseos, paths, and trails that connect all destinations easily. The main Active Path bisects the entire property and passes by more than half of the parks making it a great way to see your neighbors no matter where they might be hiding!

The Vision and The History

The story of Avila Ranch starts over 100 years ago, with two families and their love for this land and its beautiful surroundings. In 1910 the Avila’s of Portugal purchased the 240 acres that are now called “Avila Ranch” and began farming and ranching on the land. In the early 1920s, the Castanos family made their way to California from the east coast and began to establish themselves as home builders. A century later the families grew to know one another, and a foundation for a partnership was formed.

The bond between the families is rooted in the respect for the land and a shared philosophy of being responsible stewards of the area and its natural resources. The Wathen Castanos families felt a deep sense of pride when asked to carry the torch for these ideals and ensure the land’s best days are still to come.

Keeping tradition alive means more than just naming this idyllic landscape “Avila Ranch”. As the Avila Ranch is planned, thoughtful consideration for the way families will live– outside and with the land is at the forefront of the design. It means that certain areas within its borders will always be reserved for farming. The natural stream that bisects the land will not just remain, it will be rehabilitated for everyone to enjoy, including the wildlife.

Families coming together to realize a common vision is what made Avila Ranch possible. This land will bring new neighbors together to create bonds that will surely make previous generations proud.


A Family of Builders

As one of the premier home builders in San Luis Obispo, Wathen Castanos Homes takes pride in
developing Avila Ranch in a way that respects the history and heritage of the land and its surroundings. We approach every home as if it was our own and every team member is personally invested in making sure your home is perfect for you.

From your initial model home tour to your final walk-through, customer satisfaction is integral to our process and our depth of experience ensures your experience is a great one. Finding brand new homes in San Luis Obispo can be challenging, so we hope you keep Avila Ranch on your shortlist!

We remain committed to the communities where we do business and to the betterment of the lives of the people that live there. We believe that every community we build homes in becomes a neighbor, and neighbors help each other. We are committed to helping our neighborhood schools, youth sports, and non-profits that lend a hand to those in need.

With our partnership with HOPE International and our trade partners for the Homes for HOPE we generated over $50,000 to fund small business loans (microloans) for aspiring entrepreneurs in 17 of the poorest countries in the developing world, such as Haiti, Romania, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. “It has been amazing to see how passionate WCH and their Trade Partners have been about investing in the dreams of the poor by embracing the concept of Christ-centered microfinance. Now, nearly a thousand families in 17 countries will experience the dignity that comes with providing for their families rather than relying on handouts. Who could have imagined the sale of one home could do so much!” said Jack Nulty, Executive Director for Homes for Hope.

In 2019, The Community Foundation was approached by Joshua Peterson, President of Wathen Castanos Homes, seeking to create a novel partnership while they were in the early stages of a development in South Morros. Knowing that The Foundation and Wathen Castanos Homes shared the goal of ‘building community through relationships’ and by fostering the idea that neighbors help each other, Wathen Castanos and The Community Foundation joined forces; in 2020, the Wathen Castanos Homes Fund was officially established.

The Partnership in Action

A portion of each sale price of every home built by Wathen Castanos is contributed to a Donor Advised Fund within The Community Foundation. From there, grants are then awarded to local organizations that offer programs to improve the lives of those who live in the community. Grants may support a variety of needs including arts and culture, education, parks and trails, recreation, wildlife rescue, women, youth, and aid to the homeless. Through their homes and grantmaking, Wathen Castanos is giving back to the future of the community that they are literally building!

In July 2021, the first Wathen Castanos Fund grant was awarded to Operation Surf, which uses curriculum-based programs to inspire injured veterans to seek mental and physical wellness by providing resources, tools, and peer-to-peer support. Using the healing powers of the ocean and their core values of care, inclusion, commitment, integrity, and communication, they help to change participants’ lives – one wave at a time. Participants have experienced a marked decrease in PTSD and depression symptoms. One week and six-month programs are offered in coastal communities, in addition to ongoing virtual support and community. Through the grant, Wathen Castanos has given back to the veterans who have given so much in service to our country.

By serving as a catalyst to help others and connecting those who want to help with those who need help, Wathen Castanos Homes and the Foundation have teamed up to serve San Luis Obispo County and build a better future.