Put your name in line now to be one of the first to purchase a home in the Avila Ranch community in SLO.

Classic homes that real people can afford

The vast majority of residences at Avila Ranch will be affordable to San Luis Obispo workers.
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 Acres of Parks for Community Enjoyment

18 acres of pet friendly parks include turf areas, play structures and gathering spots.
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Major traffic solutions

Turning a long-hoped-for improvement into reality, Buckley Road will be extended directly to South Higuera Street, providing easier access to US 101 instead of using Los Osos Valley Road for freeway access.
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Innovative water conservation

Innovative technology and related conservation measures are projected to reduce average daily potable water usage in Avila Ranch to at least 35% below San Luis Obispo’s current residential water demand per unit.
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Green design and energy efficient

With buildings that are at least 25% more energy efficient than state or local regulations, Avila Ranch will be a model of sustainability.
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Miles of trails for cyclists and hikers

Avila Ranch will result in the addition of almost three miles of hiking trails, bicycle paths and lanes, including a link to the Bob Jones Trail at the Octagon Barn.
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Farm and open-space preservation

Understanding the irresistible human urge to enjoy the outdoors, Avila Ranch includes more than 16 acres of parks, 15 acres of trails, community gardens and other usable open space into the project, plus the preservation of 27 acres for sustainable agriculture.
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